Hey there you stop being goofy in class, you’ll never get anywhere being a goofball. School! Some say it is the best time of a person’s life; Others especially people who are currently students might not think so. when I think of school I think of Friends learning cafeteria food others think of homework pub quizzes. Then there are some that the think of the seriously devastating punishment received. and trust me, they’re way worse than any you even thought. and some of them have even been documented. these are the 10 harshest school punishments in history.

#1 is holding hands.

On November 28th 2012 the principle of Westwood high in Mesa Arizona gave two 14-year-old male students a choice between two punishments for fighting in class. their choices were either: face a suspension or hold hands for an hour in front of the class mates. They both chose to hold hands and were publically humiliated in front of their peers who mock them, question their sexuality, and took photos and Videos on their phones. the punishment was given by principal Tim Richards who of course was later criticised for the punishment degrading connotations toward homosexual students. I would absolutely hold someone’s hand for an hour; at least I’m not getting suspended.

#2 is permanent marker on the face oh yeah!

on November 5th 2012 in Delco Idaho, Delco elementary school teacher summer Larson decided to punish a group of fourth grade students who didn’t achieve the required reading goals. 9 students were given the choice between staying inside during recess or allowing the classmates to draw on their faces with markers. 3 students to miss out on the recess while 6 were drawn on with permanent ink. when students arrived home their outraged parents reported the incident to the school board.  Summer Larsen was probably fired from teaching until September of 2013 when she was evaluated and accepted back by the school. well hopefully they gave her a choice just like the students got: Either she remains fired or they get to draw a big fat dick on her forehead. (seems fair to me).

#3 is paddling.

Paddling has been a punishment throughout the United States for more than half a century and is shockingly still legal in 19 States. long and flat wooden panels or fibreglass panels have been used to spank the misbehaving students buts or the back of their thighs in some cases inflicting painful bruising. 2006/2007 school year Believer it or not a recorded 517 students were paddled in public schools across the USA. A study done by ABC News estimated that an Average of 20000 is are treated at hospitals each year from injuries that they received from paddling.

#4 is strip searched.

In 2003 13-year-old Arizona student savannah reading was accused by another girl of hiding 2 prescription strength ibuprofen on the person’s which were not allowed into school without advance permission. The assistant principals Stafford Middle School ordered Savannah to be strip searched by the school nurse! the young teen endured and invasive search of her personal items and clothes including her underwear. Savannah took her case to the Supreme Court in 2009 with and 8:1 decision ruling in her favour. The ruling restricts invasive of searches on students if the item is of no clear danger to other students. I still feel like that’s pretty broad though, why don’t we just say like no strip searches.

#5 is kneeling on frozen peas!

kneeling for several hours on uncomfortable objects such as frozen peas, rice grains, corn kernels, gravels and hot paved surfaces is becoming a popular punishment in Asian schools. The trend of this forced Kneeling was discovered by People around the world when a female Chinese student took a photo of her own shins after such a punishment was posted online. the photo went viral in November of 2014 and the student ended up getting expelled because of it. then in July of 2015, 10-year-old Indian student died due to complication arising from kneeling for 2 hours as she was instructed to by her grade 5 maths teacher. Why? oh because she did a horrible thing, she just didn’t finish her homework. Let do a little maths here: these punishments plus crazy Asian teacher equals my kids will never ever do and exchange program in Asian countries ever!

#6 is eating of the floor.

In 2009 fifth grade students at Charles summer elementary school in new Jersey were actually forced by school officials to eat lunch of the cafeteria floor. given only a small piece of paper to place their food on, the students had to eat carefully to prevent it from touching the dirty ground. The punishment started who one of the students spilt water while refilling a water cooler. the Kids were threatened with more punishment if they ever told anyone what they’re enduring. eventually 7 of those students sued the school and received a half a million-dollar settlement. (Yo, some of these teachers need to chill the heel out man, he spilled a little bit of water, it’s H20, it evaporates, you’re a teacher you should know that, science)

#7 is a fake prom.

In April 2010 Constance McMillan a female student at an agricultural high school in Mississippi was banned from her prom because she was a lesbian and she wanted to bring her girlfriend to the dance. Later ridiculed by other senior students when the school ended up cancelling prom sued the scoreboard for discrimination and of course won the right to attend. But because as you know, some of these schools are a little bit nuts the school organise a fake prom from Macmillan and her girlfriend while 30 miles away the real prom was happening for the rest of the students. 5 mentally challenged students were the only other people in attendance when Macmillan arrived at the country club where the prom was supposedly happening. Later Macmillan received $35,000 from the school district for being the subject of the Cruel and humiliating joke. Yo Mississippi for real? It’s 2016 man, guys love guys women love women you’re just being “A holes”.

#8 is being arrested.

several schools have resorting to locking up students for misdemeanours as punishment. In Fact, in 2012, 17-year-old honour student Dian Tern spent 24 hours in Texas jail for missing too much school. And she was absent because she was working two jobs to support her two siblings. After their parents suddenly divorced. In 2011 a five-year-old student in Mississippi was arrested for not adhering to school dress code because he had come to school with the wrong coloured Shoes when his parents couldn’t afford to purchase black pair. Some students are arrested in Mississippi for minor offences like talking too much.

#9 is locked in the closet.

in May 2012 pre-kindergarten students in Houston Texas were locked in a dark closet as punishment for acts as minor is laughing in class. (oh and as if the small dark closet was enough to traumatized the three and four-year olds,) they were told beforehand that the closet had a terrifying monster living in it. The teacher and the teachers aid will tell the children about the monster and then place then in the closet for five-minute while holding the door closed. It got so bad that one child actually vomited from the stress and fear of the punishment. investigation was launched into the matter and the teacher was properly terminated. they also should have been properly forced to eat the bark. That’s freaking rude man.

#10 is locked in an isolated room.

isolation cells or scream rooms are primarily used to call mentally challenged students during violent fits so that they cannot hurt other students. well these cells were reportedly use more than hundred and ten thousand times between 2011 and 2012 according to the US Department of education and Civil rights and one case lead to the suicide of 13-year-old Jonathan King who hung himself with a Cory in a concrete cell of his Georgia elementary school in 2004. In November 2012 mid Valley elementary school in Washington was found to have used a padded isolation sell the mother of one student took photos of the cell which she posted on Facebook in an Outrage which cause the school to remove the chamber and reconsider its design and usage regulation. There should never be a cell in a school, like this is not jail time, this is a learning environment.